Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why Blog?

I have not written in my blog since December 2008 and that was one entry so it has been almost 2 years since I was writing regularly. When I started writing someone told me that I was being "provocative" and that in reality was the purpose of my blog. I wanted to give us things to make us think differently and outside the boxes we tend to want to put ourselves in. At the time I was serving a church that when I went there told me they wanted to be different and reach out into the community for Christ. They wanted to change and needed leadership to make that change come about. The reality was that those that controlled the money and held the power only wanted to appear to be willing to try new things. They were willing to allow something new as long as it didn't change anything they did or threaten their way of life and allowed them to be comfortable. I was so badly beaten up there that I lost the energy to write and be willing to put my ideas out there for others to read. I guess I feared the additional attacks.

Now that I am serving two new churches that others have led through the painful process of challenging ways of thinking I am starting to feel loved again and ready to take some risks here in my blog so that others can give me feedback and we can challenge one another. I read extensively, follow many on FaceBook, and use many other avenues to try and keep up on what is happening in the world to make disciples for Jesus Christ. Many of the ideas I write about here will be meant to provoke conversation and at times I will know that some people will not like what is here. I am ok with that!

I hope that those that read will think about what I am writing and become a part of a conversation that will further the Kingdom of God by finding new ways or refreshing old ways to make disciples for Jesus. I plan to write at least once a week and look forward to hearing from you.


John Meunier said...

Welcome back.

It sounds like it is good to be out of Egypt.

Pamela said...

Glad you are back. Keep being provocative, not by might, or right, but by the power of the Holy Spirit.